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Wensleydale Locks

Wensleydale Locks
This Wensleydale fleece is imported directly from a sheep farm in Northumberland, England. This is a longwool breed with a dark blue face. The staple length can range from 7 to 17 inches with a micron count of 33 to 35. The fleece should be combed and spun worsted. You can make a “designer” yarn by incorporating the uncombed locks into your spinning. This fiber will spin into a high quality, lustrous yarn.

*Spun fiber not included and is shown for reference only.






Wensleydale Locks



(2oz min)


What is a Lock?
What is a Lock? A lock is the natural grouping of fibers that occurs as the fleece grows on the sheep.

What is a flick carder?
This is a small, single hand held carder. It is used to separate the lock or staple of wool. This prepares the fiber for spinning directly from the lock without disturbing the alignment of the fibers.

What is a Bast Fiber?
Flax, Ramie and Hemp are all Bast Fibers. These are the long, strong, flexible fibers that are in the inner bark of the plants.

What are Tow Fibers?
The Flax fibers are very long. To make the fibers into Tow they are cut to approximately 4 inch lengths and then combed into a rough top.

Still have a question? See our fibers FAQ page for more definitions.



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