Natural Dyes - Japanese Indigo Seeds

$ 18.00

Japanese Indigo Seeds are Out of Stock until January 2022!!

Each packet contains 15g / ½ oz/ 2 tablespoons of Japanese Indigo (Polygonum tinctorium, Persicaria tinctoria) seeds.

These are the pink flowering variety.
I did a test planting of these seeds in a "Burpee's Greenhouse" and had a very high rate of germination!

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I recommend growing guidelines available at

Seeds are best started indoors and planted outside after the last frost.
These seeds are from my garden in Roanoke, Virginia and the plants were harvested for the seeds in the fall of 2020.
Japanese Indigo produces tiny flowers that are much loved by the bees!!
Because I winnowed by hand, expect some other plant material mixed in with them.
While not all seeds will germinate you should have enough to plant a 1000 foot-row.

You can refrigerate leftover seeds to keep for next year.

Want to know how to dye with the fresh leaves?

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