Aasmani by Arundhati - Handwoven Cotton Scarves

$ 65.00

Aasmani by Arundhati - Handwoven Cotton Scarves using natural indigo dyed yarns or natural white cotton yarns.

While lengths and widths vary slightly these are generously sized scarves!

Anywhere from 76"X24" to 72"X28"

The cotton yarns for these scarves are first handspun and then left undyed or dyed with indigo or other natural dyes. The yarn is then handwoven on handlooms. The technique is known as Jamdani. A Persian word dating back to Mughal times - Jam - flower and Dani - vase. The oldest known Jamdani fabric dates back to the 3rd century BC!

These beautiful scarves come from my friend Arundhati.

I would like to reprint a quote from September 2018:

"Aāsmani is a dream come true. It took shape from a desire to create something handcrafted, breathable, organic. Something that exudes understated elegance. Me being a Nature lover, it is only natural that the product range of Aāsmani will be rooted to Nature. There will be a lot of experimentation with different kinds of natural fibres and weaving techniques, and different kinds of dyes. Natural indigo, madder, myrobalan, tea leaf will be used at large.
Behind the scenes there is a conscious attempt to stand by the handloom weaving community that is under threat due to the onslaught of power looms. Machine-made products do not call for the dexterity that handmade products require. Power looms are also a burden to the environment, as they consume electricity and create noise pollution.
Aāsmani aims to work exclusively with handloom weavers and try to present their rich craftsmanship to the world. It is a labour of love of a set of people who have voluntarily partnered with me in this journey – family, friends, well-wishers, and most importantly, the artisans I have entrusted with weaving my dreams into fabric.