Aranya Natural - Silk Scarves - Aru Shibori

$ 52.50

These beautifully dyed silk scarves are by Arumugam, who has become an expert in Shibori developing his own technique known as Aru Shibori!

Rectangular scarf 70" X 18"

Arumugam has been working in the Aranya Natural Dye Unit in Munnar, Kerala, Southern India for more than 17 years.

How did he come up with this variation on the shibori technique? "In 2005 we had a class in shibori and Itajime, taught by Japanese shibori artist Yoshiko Wada. I saw what could be done and I wanted to make other designs. I decided to use bamboo sticks because it is very smooth and so when you crumple the cloth the threads do not stick on the wood."
How does the work make him feel? "I can see in my mind how changes made to shibori might alter the finished cloth. It makes me feel proud to come up with variations that everyone likes and can be used for Aranya's products"
Arumugam also says that shibori is his favorite part of working at Aranya. What are his hopes for the future? "I want to design more patterns and I think I would very much enjoy designing my own blocks."

It's my pleasure to be able to offer such a beautiful product.

Photo of the natural dyers of Aranya included with each purchase