Handmade by Linda Scarf - Eri Silk dyed with Cochineal

$ 95.00

This silk scarf is handwoven using a variety of silk yarns - rare Eri Silk - hand spun Fern Silk - silk that has been spun with the tiny fibers produced by Fiddlehead ferns, Tussah Fleck - the flecks are bits of the silk cocoon and Bombyx silk, then hand dyed with Cochineal, 

  • Warp: Tussah Fleck/Bombyx Silk
  • Weft: Hand spun, Hand dyed (Cochineal) Eri Silk/Fern Silk 
  • Eri Silk is also known as Peace Silk or Ahimsa Silk
  • Technique: Pick & Pick
  • Size: 14" x 68"
  • Care: Handwash, dry flat or dry clean