Mini skeins for embellishment

$ 12.00

Mini skeins for embellishment - Wool, Silk, Organic Cotton/Bamboo, Rayon/Cotton - Hand-dyed with Natural Dyes 
Here are some fun yarns to use for embellishments on your textile arts projects!
I dyed with Cochineal (reds) and Fustic (yellows) and Indigo (blues)
The yarns are wool, silk, an organic cotton/bamboo blend and a cotton/rayon blend.

Red and Yellow package contains:

2-Wool mini-skein - 1/8 ounce (7 yards)
2-Organic Cotton/Bamboo mini-skein - 1/4 ounce (12 yards)
2-Rayon/Cotton mini-skein - 1/8 ounce (12 yards)
2-Silk mini-skein - 2 grams (12 yards)

Blue package contains:

3-Organic Cotton/Bamboo mini-skein - 1/4 ounce (12 yards)
3-Rayon/Cotton mini-skein - 1/8 ounce (12 yards)

Colors may vary slightly from what you see on your monitor