Natural Dyes - Indigo - Indigo Polygonum in paste form

$ 7.25

NATURAL INDIGO IN PASTE – 100% organic – pigment paste
A natural Indigo prepared from fresh leaves of Polygonum tinctorium Aiton, also named Persicaria tinctoria (Aiton) Spach, manufacture in Provence, France by the company Couleurs Végétales de Provence.

You will need 7 ounces of the paste to dye 2 kilos of fiber/yarn/fabric. The paste form of this indigo contributes to an easier reduction and yield of color.

We recommend using fructose crystalline 5 ounces and hydrated lime 2 ounces

Polygonum tinctorium Aiton is an annual herbaceous species of 40 to 80 cm height.
This species originating from Asia was extensively grown for the manufacture of natural indigo in tropical areas of China, Vietnam and Japan where it is still used for traditional textiles.
It was introduced into several countries in Europe where it is well acclimated and grown.

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