Silk Carrier Rods

$ 3.50

Silk Carrier Rods are the byproduct of reeling silk from the cocoon. As the silk filament is unraveled from the cocoons into a skein it is carried over a rod. Silk builds up on this carrier rod and must be removed. This silk is then slit and removed. These slit tubes still have the sericin. The rods can be dyed, separated into layers, sprayed with water and ironed flat, or degummed. They have been used in paper making, jewelry, for textural stitching and silk fusion. The rods are approximately 5 inches long when whole and unscrunched. The fiber length (the circumference of the rod) is approximately 1". You will find some short pieces and partially wound cocoons in the package."

Approximately 27 to 30 pieces per ounce