Natural Dyes - Kamala Powder

$ 2.20

Kamala Powder

Kamala Powder - Color: Golden Yellow to Tangerine 

Use Kamala Powder at 20% WOF (Weight of fiber/goods)

Kamala dyes a beautiful yellow/orange on silk and wool.
It dyes a lighter shade of yellow on cotton.

Kamala is a powdery substance obtained from the fruit of Mallotus philippinensis, a small evergreen known as the monkey-face tree (monkeys are said to rub their faces in the fruit). Found throughout tropical India, Kamala dye is very similar to annatto in behavior and color.

Kamala dyes golden yellows to tangerines with moderate lightfastness on cotton.
Slightly deeper shades are obtained on protein fibers.

An iron after bath will produce a moss green.
Over-dyeing with Indigo will produce Forest Green

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