Soap Making

The following natural products can be used in soapmaking, etc.
Here is a list:

Alkanet root (ground) – purple, burgundy to mauve

Brazilwood Sawdust (Sappanwood) – deep pink to reddish pinks

Chamomile (dried flowers) – yellow-beige to light brown

Cochineal (ground) – red

Henna Powder – green brown

Himalayan Rhubarb Root (ground) vibrant pink red

Indigofera guatemalensis - blue

Indigofera suffruticosa - blue

Indigofera tinctoria – blue

Indigofera tinctoria from Living Blue - purple

Madder root (ground) – pinks to mauve

Marigold (dried, crushed) – golden yellow

Maya Blue - turquoise green

Persicaria tinctoria - blue

Walnut Hulls (ground) - brown

Weld – Yellow

Woad - Blue - SOLD OUT