Sea Island Cotton Fabric

$ 20.00


Available by the 1/2 yard and by the yard.

The fabric is 46.5" wide.

Perfect for eco-printing and natural dyeing!

Suitable for shirts and dresses. This cotton lawn has a super smooth finish.

Be sure to wash the fabric before cutting for sewing and scour fabric prior to dyeing.

We are so happy to be able to bring you this beautiful fabric from Sally Fox (FoxFibre, Vreseis).

The cotton is grown organically in New Mexico by Alvarez Farms and the fabric is being produced by Taishobo in Japan where it is spun, woven, and finished.

Sally has a long history of growing drought-resistant, long-staple "colored" cotton.

Would you like to know more about Sally Fox and her cotton? Click the link

This Sea Island cotton variety was classically bred by the late Dr. Carl Roberts in the 1980s and 1990s from Sea Island variety Montserrat, specifically for the Mesilla Valley in NM where it has been kept in organic production since then.