Natural Plant Based Lake Pigment Powders

$ 19.15

These natural plant-based lake pigments can be used to make artist's paints including watercolor, oil, egg tempera, gouache, and acrylic, as well as inks, printing paste, and pastels.  

The lake pigments are handcrafted, and many use plants from my dye garden. They are hand-ground to a fine powder.

Each lake pigment has different characteristics - opacity, granulation, and tinting strength. Each pigment will require different amounts of binder to create the perfect paint!

The lake pigments are packaged in a glass jar containing 15 grams of plant-based lake pigment.

Due to the slow nature of making the Lake Pigments, it may be 1 to 2 weeks before your order ships.

The Cochineal Lake is made from the Cochineal Insect!

Buckthorn Yellow Lake is opaque.