Natural Dyes - Gardenia Fruit

$ 4.40

Gardenia Fruit - Zhi Zi Shan - Gardenia Jasminoides - Natural Dyes - Yellow Dye 

Works with both protein and cellulose fibers!

The dried fruit of the Gardenia flower (Gardenia Jasminoides) produces a very strong yellow color.
Beautiful greens when over-dyed with Indigo.
Gorgeous oranges when used with Titanium Oxalate

Use the fruit at 100% weight of goods.
Alum mordant required
Addition of Cream of Tartar recommended

Instructions for use included

Approximately 26 fruit pods per ounce

Gardenia Fruit (Kuchinashi) has been used in Japan and China since ancient times to dye not only cloth but paper, leather and as a food coloring.