Brazilwood Ink

$ 18.00

Brazilwood Ink
Handmade from wild-crafted Brazilwood (Haematoxylum brasiletto) trees sustainably harvested from arid regions of Mexico. The rich, red heartwood has been highly prized as a dye, medicinal plant, and for making musical instruments for over 700 years. The Brazilwood Ink is made in my studio in Roanoke, VA

The ink is perfect to use with a brush on paper. The color is relatively light-fast.
It is easy to add layers to deepen the color and make it more light-fast.
These inks are designed for use with brushes, quill pens, and dip pens, NOT fountain pens. The inks can clog/corrode a fountain pen, damaging the pen.

Made from all-natural ingredients, the ink comes in a 30ml stopper bottle.

Shake often as inks tend to settle. Store in a cool dark place

This is not a dye, not for use on fabric.