Cochineal Ink

$ 18.00

The Cochineal Ink is made right here in my studio in Roanoke VA. The Aztecs and Mayans prized this ancient color. It was used to decorate codices. Did you know that Cochineal has been used as a colorant for over 2000 years?

Cochineal Ink is perfect to use with a brush on paper. The color is relatively light-fast.
Adding layers to deepen the color and make it more light-fast is easy. Use a quill pen or dipping pen, it is not for use with a fountain pen. The ink could clog and damage a fountain pen.

Made from all-natural ingredients, it comes in a 30ml stopper bottle. Cochineal Ink is made from the Cochineal Insect.

This is not a dye, not for use on fabric.