Natural Dyes - Aluminum Sulfate

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Aluminum Sulfate

You can use the Aluminum Sulfate (Aluminium sulphate) the same way as Alum.

Natural dyeing – mordanting any fibers : Aluminum sulfate was developed in some dyeing processes during the XIXth Century instead of potassium alum. It can be used as a mordant on any fiber and does not change the shades. For proteinic fibers, aluminum sulfate can provide an interesting alternative to alum and can be used without cream of tartar.

Also, combinations of aluminum and iron mordants or a final (very light) iron after-bath after an aluminum-mordanted-color will widely increase the number of shades.

Aluminium sulfate (or aluminium sulphate) has other common uses : as a flocculating ingredient for the production of drinking water, in the manufacture of paper, as an acidification agent for soils, as an antibacterial agent…

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