Natural Dyes - Lac Extract

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Lac Extract

Lac is a scale insect - the female infests the stems and twigs of trees of the Ficus family. The hard resinous coating is produced from the plant sap that has been metabolized by the insects.The dye is extracted from the resinous coating. The resin is known as shellac and lacquer, a protective coating for wood

  • Requires an Alum Mordant
  • Requires Citric Acid in order to develop the rich wine red to full value.
  • Excellent lightfastness and wash-fastness on silk and wool
  • Shades range from red to purple
  • The resin is used in cabinetry, lutherie and protection of wooden works under the name of Shellac.
  • Purified shellacs are used in food ( E904) and in pharmacy.
  • The coloring agent is isolated from resin to become the ” lac dye ” , more easily used as a dye than the raw resin (it was formerly used but leaves the fibers sticky).

Instructions for use included!

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