Natural Dyes - Oak Gallnut Extract

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Oak Gallnut Extract

Oak Gallnut Extract, a natural extract prepared from Quercus Infectoria Olivier or the Aleppo Oak.

  • Any fiber can be dyed with oak gallnuts. It is used to increase lightfastness.
  • Oak Gallnut can be used to create dark shades with madder or indigo on wool and silk with minimal use of iron sulfate.
  • This gallnut extract was specially developed for textile and natural dyeing uses and has a very high content in tannic acid combined with low color. 
  • The tannic acid is perfect for the pre-treatment of cellulosic vegetable fibers (named engallage in this case) to improve the fixation of the mordant during the mordanting step.
  • The oak galls are produced by the tree as a defense against the sting of an insect in buds. The tree excretes a tannin-rich substance that becomes hard and forms a gallnut.
  • Gall Oaks are present around the Mediterranean Sea and in Minor Asia. 

Instructions for use included!

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