Natural Dyes - Weld Extract from Occitania

$ 19.20

This Weld Extract from Occitania is a dye extracted from Reseda luteola from a local resource in the South of France. The plants are grown under organic conditions, and dried without additional energy (simply thanks to the hot air of the South of France in summer). This new natural color for yellow shades, from the famous European dye plant, also named Dyer’s weed, reconnects with the historic cultivation of Weld in the region.

Weld or Dyer’s weed (Reseda luteola L.) is one of the oldest dye plants used for yellow color. It was classified as “grand teint” (colorfast). The whole plant is a good source of natural dye, except the root. It was used as a natural dyestuff since the Roman Antiquity or Prehistoric times. Its use widely spread from the Middle Age and Weld was grown in England, France, Belgium, and the southeast of Germany.

This natural dye extract contains nearly 51% more natural color than Green'ing's traditional extract. Deep yellows obtained at pH 8.0.

Weld extract is the main European dye plant resource for yellow shades. It can be used with any kind of fiber, combined with any mordant and most other dye extracts to obtain a very wide range of lightfast colors. For deep yellows, this dye develops best in slightly hard water – for example by adding sodium carbonate or calcium carbonate (chalk) to set up your bath to pH 8.0.