Natural Dyes - Woad - Isatis Tinctoria

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Woad Powder

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Woad - Isatis Tinctoria,  Dyer's Woad,  is a plant that produces blue dye that is extracted from the leaves. Woad has been grown throughout the British Isles and Central and Southern Europe for centuries.

The same dye as Indian Indigo, Indigofera tinctoria, is contained in the leaves of the woad plant, in a weaker concentration. You may use the same formulas for making an indigo vat for making a woad vat.  

1 ounce of Woad powder will dye approximately 1 pound of fiber, fabric or yarn to a medium shade.

Woad requires a reducing agent and an alkaline, for 1 ounce of Woad you can use 1 ounce of Thiourea dioxide and 2 ounces of Hydrated Lime - Instructions for use included!

Alternatively, you can make Michel Garcia's 1-2-3 Hydrated Lime and Fructose Vat with the Woad powder.