Wild Tussah Silk Cocoons with Peduncle attached

$ 5.50

These Tussah silk cocoons are gathered in the wild.

The worm has been removed.

There are approximately 15 cocoons per ounce.

The Peduncle or stem is actually silk. It is a bridge created by the tussah caterpillar to attach the cocoon to a tree branch.

**Please note some cocoons may not have a peduncle.**

To spin the silk into yarn you must first degum the cocoons.

Fill a pot with enough water to cover the cocoons and bring to a boil.
Add ½ cup of soda ash for 100 cocoons (adjust for the number of cocoons you are degumming). Do not use detergent!
Simmer for an hour or so. Important - DO NOT allow the water to boil as the cocoons may become tangled. Also, add more water as needed.
Next, gently rinse the cocoons until the water runs clear. Stretch the cocoons out and allow them to dry. Once the cocoons are dry you should be able to pull the strands apart and fluff them. If this is not happening, then repeat the degumming process.

Once fluffed you can spin the fluff into yarn.