Traveling to India January 20, 2020 08:29

I will be traveling to India in February 2020 and while I am gone you will be able to place orders - BUT - no orders will be shipped while I am out of the country.
Last day to place an order for shipping before I go will be Friday, February 14th. Shipping will resume on March 2nd.

Aranya Natural Munnar Kerala Southern India

Aranya Natural is celebrating its Silver Jubilee!!!
Aranya Natural was created 25 years ago – it was a dream, a wish, a thought. 25 years later Aranya Natural is world-renowned for both its natural dye work and the folks who are the heart of Aranya Natural - the artisans.
This event will take place on February 22,23,24,25 2020 in Munnar, Kerala, Southern India.
Registration for the conference is open on their website HERE
The workshops are sold out!

There will be a 2-day conference with some very knowledgeable speakers and there will be 2-days of workshops.
I will be teaching 2 workshops along with Michel Garcia, Buaisou and Jagada Rajappa

Located in Kannan Devan hills, Aranya Natural is part of the larger Srishti Trust, a welfare center for the differently-abled. There are five arms to this organization and you can read more on their website HERE
Munnar is located in an area with lush greenery, rolling hills covered in teas bushes, friendly people and great food. Here the air is fresh, the atmosphere soothing and Ayurvedic Spas will relieve your jetlag.
Come celebrate with me! Meet the folks responsible for making this dream a reality and meet the artisans who make the magic happen!
I hope to see you in Munnar in February 2020!